Free spring flower clip art : Stargazer wedding bouquet.

Free Spring Flower Clip Art

free spring flower clip art

    clip art
  • Predrawn pictures and symbols that computer users can add to their documents, often provided with word-processing software and drawing packages

  • Graphic images, designs, and artwork in digital form that can be used in a digital document.

  • Clip art, in the graphic arts, refers to pre-made images used to illustrate any medium. Today, clip art is used extensively in both personal and commercial projects, ranging from home-printed greeting cards to commercial candles. Clip art comes in many forms, both electronic and printed.

  • ready-made pieces of computerized graphic art that can be used to decorate a document

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free spring flower clip art - HTC Inspire

HTC Inspire 4G Accessory - Blossoming White Spring Flower Protective Hard Rubberized Case Cover Design for AT&T

HTC Inspire 4G Accessory - Blossoming White Spring Flower Protective Hard Rubberized Case Cover Design for AT&T

Protect your cell phone with our premium Crystal Image case. This accessory provides protection for your cell phone from unnecessary scratch, dent or chips. It is made to fit perfectly and give the phone maximum protection. The hard strong plastic is reinforced from the front edge, side and back to prolong the life of your case. Beside its protection, it also has openings precisely made to access all the function of your phone. Transform your phone into a fashionable and distinctive device in seconds.

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Fear Not Little One

Fear Not Little One

I have lots of favorite Nursery Rhymes that my mom used to read to me from an antique Jr Editions book. So much so that that volume of our Jr Editions set got worn out!

The inspiration for my challenge project is Little Miss Muffet. I started by piecing a spider web block, and then I added a collage of items that includes a vintage picture of Little Miss Muffet that I got from a free to use blog of Vintage Clip Art (and printed off on fabric that you can put through your printer). I sewed on ribbons, ric rac, and lace and added a silver heart, crocheted flower embellishment, and old buttons. The vintage picture had the spider in it, but I thought it needed a spider web, so I drew that in the upper left corner with a micron pen. I quilted over the collage pieces, and around the outside edge with some decorative machine stitches, and I quilted the entire block like a spider web.

I chose soft fabrics to coordinate with the vintage storybook picture, and it will fit well in a child's nursery. I call it "Fear Not Little One" because that's the message that I think this (and most) nursery rhymes were trying to portray to children. There are things to fear in the world, but they have people there who will protect them ~ the person reading/reciting the story to them :)

This little art quilt measures 15" wide, and 15" tall, and was made in Jessup Maryland
~ Dawn
Spring Water Designs

Lotus Flower Lariat- Amaranth Pink

Lotus Flower Lariat- Amaranth Pink

Amaranth Pink silk dupioni

Free motion embroidered with Dark Red and Bright Coral thread

Gold seed bead center

Flower has 5 inch (12.7 cm) diameter

Lariat/ brooch/ barrette

free spring flower clip art

free spring flower clip art

Flower Fairies of the Spring

First published in the 1920s, Cicely Mary Barker’s original Flower Fairies books have been loved for generations. Like the pre-Raphaelite painters whom she so admired, Barker believed in re-creating the beauty of nature in art and drawing from life. Her Flower Fairies watercolors have a unique combination of naturalism and fantasy that no imitators have matched. Now newly rejacketed in the style of bestseller Fairyopolis, this new edition makes a perfect gift for a new generation of Flower Fairy fans. The book features poems and full-color illustrations of over 20 flowers and their guardian fairies.

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